Can you truth ever be told in a Muddle of lies ?

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    Yes, it is how people get `brainwashed`., or `gaslight`ed.

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    Yes, you can let slip a truth when lying.

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    2 years ago

    "Muddle" is a technical term meaning "to bathe in mud, to declarify."

    If one is in the mud, it's like being in a bath of chocolate--and the game is to be faithful to the strawberry truth in the middle of chocolate swirls.

    Lies are thus like chocolate, or mud--something that obscures the faith of clarity.

    So, to be clear, is to be bathed in the waters of repentance, to rethink one's positioning re chocolate baths, etc.


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    The Secret Power of Music;

    Watch Your Dreams;

    The Great Divorce;

    The Little White Horse;

    For Couples Only.


    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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    2 years ago

    The fact is this is exactly how truth is told. This very purpose of truth is that it dispels lies, like the light that dispels darkness. Does the morning not always break through the deepest darkness of the night, and do immaculate lotus flowers not blossom in muddy ponds?

    But the question could be not of truth but that of the mind. It is possible that a mind is muddled with so many lies that it cannot fashion itself for the telling of one single truth. It cannot find a way to come out clean, to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth. If this is the case, then the mind must learn to see all things from a truthful viewpoint. It might take time and a great deal of effort, but where there is truth there is way, the truth itself.

    No one in the world in perfect, and no mind immaculate. We all make way by lying sometimes. We may not have the courage, wisdom, or opportunity, the to have such courage, wisdom and ability as the ones that would enable us to live truthfully, to be ourselves, is the main objective of being alive.

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