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In your views, what would be a suitable atonement for taking a life?

No, I'm not a serial killer. This is for a real theory for real life. So, please, imagine an ******* has taken your most loved one's life (not on purpose but due to their stupidity and ignorance). If you were unable to take their life instead or personally torture them and they really were regretful, what would you think they could do to morally excuse their selves?


This is a moral-type question so please ignore the legal/penal aspect of it.

Update 2:

Just a quick reminder: I said "a life" ... how come most of you took it as the life of a human being? What if the life unintentionally taken was from an animal? I know in many aspects that makes it much worse but most countries do not have anough or porper court procedure or penal consequences for an animal life getting taken. So, how about then?

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  • This atonement would need to come from God.

  • Sunman
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    2 years ago

    They could do some type of "community service" that equaled the saving of two lives.

    There are plenty of folks (elderly?) who could use a hand.

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    Nothing. There is no moral excusing the murder of another person.

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    It is common, if somebody unintentionally kills a person who is a provider for a family, to provide the family with money or other help afterward.

    Over the centuries and over the world, it has been considered right to pay compensation - sometimes called "blood money" - to the family.

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  • Shahid
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    2 years ago

    First, there is a contradiction in the way you have phrased the question and then elaborated on it. You ask for, ‘atonement for taking life’ and then that, it was not done on purpose. If I take the latter explanation to be the correction on the former stance then the problem is resolved. Second, it seems you have already answered your question: as it was not done on purpose but due to their stupidity and ignorance … and they really were regretful.

    This is the case of natural justice. The accused has admitted to being guilty and they have been by their own conscience sentenced, to live the rest of their life in regret. If the case for some reason cannot be taken to the court of law, then this is the most fitting punishment.

    An attempt to improve on this sentence, an act of vengeance for instance, from a party involved, could radically change the situation. Since vengeance would be a deliberate act, where the original act was not, therefore, and it can turn the accused into a victim of a greater crime.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    What you're talking about is usually classified as manslaughter (not willful killing) and there are already sufficient laws in place to deal with that situation and the penalties also partially account for moral retribution.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Getting points to make up for being constantly maliciously reported

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