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One of my best friends is from Sicily but he has white skin, blond hair and blue eyes, is it weird?

He looks like a german boy, but he is sicilian!

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    Look up the Norman (Viking) conquest of Southern Italy.

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    During WW2......Germans were all over Italy.....and fought on the same side.

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    German occupation of Italy during WWI.

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    No, its not weird.

    Its weird that you think that a person can't have ancestors that immigrated to a different place.

    It is very rare for a person to look like where they live.

    I live in North America, yet I am not Native American. My ancestors are from Europe.

    My friend is an Alaskan native, but he was born and raised in Texas and sounds like a cowboy, yet he looks like an Inuit because he is one.

    My sister has a friend who was born in India, yet she is has pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. So do her parents, and siblings. They moved to India before she was born, and she lives there now.

    Just because a person looks different than where they came from doesn't mean that they don't really come from that place.

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  • Like you, he doesn't get out much. Sicilians have swarthy skin because they live in a mostly hot climate and spend much of the day outdoors. Sicily has been occupied by just about every group from the Mediterranean and beyond and they have a complicated genetic mix, so anything is possible. When the Ottomans invaded Albania in the 15th century, around half the population emigrated to Sicily where they lived under Papal protection. Your friend may be descended from them.

  • kelvin
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    2 years ago

    no it isn't weird

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