Have one of my AirPods broken?

I can hear the difference between the two. The right is a little louder than the left and it doesn’t necessarily bother me after a while because I put them in, get bothered, then accept the fact that it’s the way it’s gonna be. 😔 I tried the method of cleaning them, sucking out the wax from the largest speaker, than cleaning again but no wax came out after I did that. Also, another thing to note is that when I tried this method, there was more airflow in the right one. When trying to suck the wax out of the left one, it was more difficult, kind of like there was a restraint. To be quite honest I got these for free (but in the box, never opened) so I’m not too horrified about it, but it would be nice if it’s not broken so I can continue to listen to music 😩

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