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why is Kate Middleton nowhere near as famous or popular as Princess Diana was?

She's the wife and mother of the future Kings. Isn't that why Princess Diana was so famous? why has Kate Middleton not been able to recreate that magic that Princess Diana did?

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    2 years ago
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    because prince charles was more handsome than prince william.

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    I'd suggest she could be 'as famous'. Being a member of the Royal Family is NOT a popularity contest. And unfortunately Diana may have been that, for all the wrong reasons!!

  • Clo
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    2 years ago

    At the time of Diana's entry into the royal family, there was no one else like her. She was the first British woman to marry the heir to the throne in ages. That she was so photogenic, unassuming, friendly made a connection to many.

    Catherine Middleton is a different person. Style, glamor, are now part of the everyday coverage of the royals...

    Catherine doesn't want the type of coverage that plagued Diana to her death... Diana died because she was in a car crash caused by a paparazzi chase. William is not fond of the gossip media coverage and this is one reason why.

    And Catherine is popular enough; clothes she wears, or her children wear, sell out.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Diana had a unique charisma and was very photogenic.

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  • Lili
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    2 years ago

    First, she's significantly more reserved than Diana was and doesn't court the media. She simply has a quite different personality.

    Second, Diana came along when there hadn't been a pretty young princess to cover for a very long time, and at a moment in media history when royals coverage was changing a great deal, becoming more intrusive and less distant and respectful. The media went overboard in their coverage of her and, in a way, exhausted the topic -- and not just because she ended up dying. Young princesses are just no longer quite the "news" Diana was in 1981.

    Third, there haven't been any scandals surrounding her. She's a young matron and mother, very focused on her family, and neither she nor her husband has been known to stray. All that is rather boring to the tabloid media.

  • Jay
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    2 years ago

    Because no one has killed her. Stop it.

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