Need a bit of life advice for my high school life?

I’m a junior in high school and I’ve been on a competitive dance team for a year and a half now. I love to dance and learn new things but I’ve also been thinking a LOT about college recently. I love volunteering and I feel like my practice interferes with days I could volunteer. I’ve also been looking for a job. I know I won’t be able to volunteer, have a job, and be on a team. I’m finding it hard to come to a compromise with myself. Should I dance while I’m in high school since I likely won’t be able to in college? (I am really set on going into a Bio major or Pre-Med track which is just a lot already) or should I set it aside now and focus on volunteer work, getting a job, and having a bit more free time to study? Practice is great for me because we exercise a lot which helps me maintain my weight and flexibility (I get very lazy at home when it comes to stretching and exercising) As much as I love to dance, being at practice is very time consuming and physically and mentally draining. I’ve been taking interest in after school ROP classes(medical terminology), clubs, programs to help me study (which I can’t utilize since I have practice), and volunteer work. The more I type about this the more I realize I should probably quit to make time for other activities but all I really would like is some insight and opinions on the matter. I’m a really bad decision-maker.

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  • 2 years ago

    You don't need to do volunteer work to get into college. You need good grades and SAT/ACT scores and to have done SOMETHING outside the classroom. Universities want to see that the student is capable of college-level academics and has some kind of interest to which they have dedicated some time and effort. If you NEED to work, then that has to be the priority right after grades. If you need to volunteer in order to graduate high school, you need to figure that your and determine if you can do that over the summer or how to make that work.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Extracurricular activities do not matter. Volunteering does not matter. They only thing things that do matter are your grades and entrance exam scores. So do whatever makes you happy and don't worry about it.

    *You should still try to volunteer and help less fortunate people if you are able to. It's a nice thing to do.

  • 2 years ago

    It's better to have a few activities that you stick to during all four years of high school (which demonstrates real interest) than to have many activities that you only hold for a year or two (which demonstrates resume-padding).

    So stick to the dancing. You enjoy it, and colleges have dance teams too that they need to fill, so it will make you a more attractive applicant.

    Add some volunteer work if you can; forget about a paying job, other than during the summers.

    That said, your GPA is the most important thing. ECs help colleges choose between top students; they never boost a student that's lagging in other areas. So to the extent that your ECs are lowering your grades, drop them.

  • Alisyn
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    2 years ago

    Do you have a guidance counselor that you trust/like at your high school? It might be worth talking to one about your choice.

    If not, you may want to reach out to an academic adviser at the college you'd like to attend. An adviser there will review your high school transcript and you may even be able to take some classes during your senior year for college credit. I should've done that.

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