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$1000 to spend on new born what should I purchase and what's more important?

I'm 19 and I am expecting my baby boy on November 3rd. I worked my whole pregnancy so that I can save up money for my son to purchase everything he needs and now that I am no longer able to work (doctors orders) I have $1000 saved to buy everything he needs. My son's dad and I are not on good terms and my parents are still upset and told me they are not helping with any of the expenses. I know $1000 is not a lot or nearly enough to buy absolutely everything so I want to know what is the MUST have purchases. I won't be having a baby shower and i literally have nothing for him please any advice or discounted stores that I can shop for baby things would be amazing.

Thanks in advanced.

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  • LizB
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    2 years ago

    Carseats have to be new, and cost $100-300 typically, so that's anywhere your budget goes it should be there. Diapers and feeding supplies add up quick, as well, but don't buy too much in advance since babies grow out of diaper sizes quickly, and regardless if if you'll breastfeed or formula feed you can't really know in advance what will work out for you and baby and may have to adapt your plans.

    Most everything else can be bought or found second-hand, though. If there's a "Buy Nothing" group in your area, that can be an amazing resource for gently used (or even new!) baby things. Same with other mom-to-mom type groups.

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  • Shay
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    2 years ago

    1. Car seat - the hospital won't let you take baby home if you don't have a car seat

    2. Crib - pick a baby bed NOT a bassinet - a baby bed will last until they change to a toddler bed

    Buy a few clothes. Buy blankets and bedding for the crib.

    After that, save most of the money. First of all, you don't know what the birth weight of your baby will be. DO NOT buy more than one or two packs of diapers ahead of time. You could end up wasting your money on a size of diaper that is either too big or too small for your baby. Same thing with clothing. Wait until you know the size of your baby before you decide what clothing to buy. You could end up with too many clothes in too small of a size and no money left to buy more clothing. (my second baby was over 8 lbs at birth and was in 3 to 6 month clothing by about 6 weeks old.) Babies grow quickly and you will be needing to change sizes about every two to four months during the first year.

    Remember to watch for garage sales or shop at thrift shops to help your money go farther for clothing.

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  • Edna
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    2 years ago

    MUST HAVES for a new born:

    (1) A crib and mattress

    (2) Sheets & blankets for the crib

    (3) Diaper shirts to dress the baby in

    (4) Sleep sacks for the baby to sleep in

    (5) Diapers, diapers, and more diapers (Disposable or cloth - your choice. Cloth diapers are more economical, in the long run).

    (6) Nursing bottles, nipples, and a few cans of formula (even if you plan to breastfeed)

    (7) Baby powder, baby lotion, and baby soap

    (8) A car seat for the car (to secure the baby)

    (9) A stroller (only necessary for a new born if you plan on taking the baby with you on long excursions). It could wait until the baby is older.

    You don't need a baby monitor; a baby bathtub; baby-size washcloths; a changing table; or booties. Other things such as a bouncy chair, a play pen, a high chair, toys, stuffed animals, etc., can wait until the baby is months older.

    • Pippin
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      2 years agoReport

      Why exactly does she need a few cans of formula if she will be breastfeeding? (IF it turns out that she needs to supplement, she can buy formula then, rather than wasting money on something she will probably never use.)
      And I can't believe that you are telling her to buy baby powder.

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  • 2 years ago

    Im sorry you are going through this and hopefully you will have assistance very soon. But 1000 is a good start for a newborn but it wont last long. The most important is

    A sleep area

    Diapers and wipes

    Onsies with the hand covers on them


    Sleep sack


    Car seat

    Washcloths and a few towels

    You should be able to produce milk but if not a few bottles are important

    The hospital should have a few things to offer for when you go home

    Maybe asking craigslist for people able to give away any baby items in like new condition or free might help. There are good people out there. Just post something asking for assistance.

    A church might help to if you are really in need as well.

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  • Cammie
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    2 years ago

    That will not get you very far.

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  • 2 years ago

    Crib. Baby will outgrow basinet very quickly

    zip up sleepers for winter


    Formula if formula feeding

    Bottles if formula feeding or pumping

    Car seat

    Warm Blanket for tummy time and to cover baby is car/in and out of stores

    Stroller/carrier. (Someway to transport baby)

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  • Pippin
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    2 years ago

    1000 is plenty to buy the necessities. Babies DON'T need much, and most of what they do need can be bought second-hand.

    A carseat.

    Basic clothing.

    If you'll be returning to work or school, a breastpump and bottles.

    Either some cloth diapers or a pack or two of disposables.

    Some place for baby to sleep (crib/bassinet/your bed made safe for bedsharing)

    And yes, if you are in the US, WIC and insurance should help with the breastpump.

    And yes, baby's father will be financially responsible for helping to support the baby, but until baby is actually born, he is not.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Needs - car seat. COSCO scenera

    / NEXT seat at Walmart $50. A crib & mattress, mattress covers (2) and sheets (4). Onesies, 3 sleepers, and and a pack of newborn diapers. Done till baby comes.

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  • 2 years ago

    Despite the fact that your son's dad is not on good terms, he still has to step up because this is his child. If you do not get any support from the dad, you have to take him to court for support. Once the baby is born, your parents may change their tune - once they see the baby, they may very well melt at the sight of him. There are programs like WIC you should look into - and there are second hand stores as well as people who no longer need their baby things so they either sell those things cheaply or give them away. Check on craigslist because you might find things you need either cheaply or for free. I'm surprised that with the due date coming so closely that you did not check this all out much sooner. It should be obvious to you what is needed for a newborn - quite a lot - and $1,000.00 might not stretch for very long.

    I hope it all goes well. Good Luck!

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