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My daughter needs help, I was never good at history in high school. So I, her mother, am no help.?

When is war justified? Read the list below of justifications for the colonists going to war with Britain. Identify any additional causes that the Patriots had for fighting the revolutionary war. Then, write two paragraphs in which you answer the questions below.

-Protect prosperity rights

-expand into western territory

-uphold political ideals

-institute a more democratic government

-avoid paying taxes deemed unfair

A: Was the American war justified?

B: What were the three key turning points in the relationship between Britain and its colonies that led to war?

C: At what point did the American Revolution become inevitable, and why?

D: Could a diplomatic solution have been found that stopped short of war? If so, who bears the most the most fault for failing to find that solution?

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    def talk to the teacher

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    A.) The war was justified from the colonial point of view.

    B + C.) The primary cause of the war was the Currency Act of 1764, when Great Britain prohibited the Colonists from using their own currency, Colonial Script.

    Colonial Script was debt free and helped the colonies prosper while the centralized Bank of England was exploiting British Economy.

    The financial powers beyond the throne pressured King George to issue the act, which almost instantly ruined the economy for colonies. The colonists would've been happy to pay a little tax on tea and stamps had they been allowed to use their own money; but England demanded that the Colonists borrow their money from England. As British money was already tainted with a failing economy, it is understandable why the Colonists found this oppressing.

    Relations soured even more after the Boston Massacre.

    After 10 years of a failing economy, secret societies within the colonies such a Freemasonry, influenced public opinion into seeing independence as a reasonable alternative. Indeed, it was Freemasonry that instigated the Boston Tea party. War was impending at this point and it was when the Colonists declared their independence that was last straw.

    D.) There's always a possibility for diplomacy, it would require give and take on both ends; however the British bankers weren't allowing to give the colonies an inch.

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    Wow. Although I have encountered many lazy students attempting to get others to do their homework for them, this is the first time I've ever seen a cut-and-paste committed by the student's parent.

  • You need to let your daughter do her own homework, otherwise she'll end up an idiot.

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    There were a great many grievances leading to the American Revolution. Most of them on a political base. England was sending government representatives over by merit of birth and with no merit of personal ability. England was choosing the wars the colonist were to participate in. When England decided that the Colonist should also pay to fight that war with taxes it generated a revolt!

    Largely if you were a Colonist it did not matter if your controlling ruler was English or French. The English government officials sent to the colonies had little personal interest directly tied to the colonies, lacked political skill, lacked enough personal standing the he could not protest the forced move to the colonies, often inept, sometimes an alcoholic.

    As a Colonist it made little sense to battle with France over control of the Colonies? Taxing the Colonist to pay for that war.. was grounds for a revolution and a reason to gain independent political control of one's own destiny.

    So read the... Declaration of Independence! It has a long list of reasons validating removal of English control. Are we slaves without voice … or people with a right of self control and self government?

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    War is Justified for.

    1. Living Space, Expansion.

    2. Eliminate competing Religion

    3. Acquisition of Resources.

    4. Extinction or slavery of a Race, creed, or Nationality.

    Every war was based on one or more of those four.

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    Read this page for an account of the issues involved:

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