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Miss my FWB?

I had a FWB, on and off for maybe 6 months or so. Our hook ups became pretty regular. However we haven’t even spoke for around 3 weeks now. I think it maybe a blessing in disguise, as I did start to develop feelings for them, which I didn’t want to. Maybe this is a way for me to forget them and move on? But why do I miss them? There was never a chance of anything more , even if deep deep down I wanted it to be. I guess they may have moved on now? I understand It’s none of my business, but it still hurts ? I want nothing more than to see them again. But I don’t want to message them. Maybe I am better just letting go. I think i will block them off everything so there is no chance of them popping up again and re igniting any feelings? I know I got myself into this position, and maybe it’s the best way to get out of it? Help please?

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  • tony
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    2 years ago
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    boot- call,he got what he wanted and's one thing to say "we're having sex with no emotional attachments," and it's yet another thing to actually pull that off. Casual sex is potentially draining. So you need to make sure you are okay with having sex that will not lead to any type of relationship. A Friends with Benefits relationship isn’t like a bottle of milk that you buy at the supermarket that has an expiration date. It can last for a few weeks to as long as both of you want…move on,plenty fish and swimp in th sea.Some people might find that their fwb provide them all the connection they require while others might realise they would want more and as such look for someone else.

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  • Alan H
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    2 years ago

    You both just wanted easy, uncommitted sex.

    No basis for a secure relationship.

    Learn from it.

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  • 2 years ago

    wanting more from an FWB is always a risk,have a break,you may find the feelings don't last. it is also possible that they feel the same way and are worried you don't.

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