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Issue with an online order and its return?


I ordered a dress that arrived faulty. It cost just over £40, so I knew I would return it. I've never returned anything before, which is how I've managed to send the item with the prepaid label without getting a receipt to verify my return. I contacted the company who says they haven't received my item and likely won't for 2 more days, although can see I requested the return. What is the likelihood that a genuine company like this (Attitude Clothing) will just claim they never received the item?

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    yes, There many sites where have this issue, but some good sites like Myntra Amazon, Kasturi, and more there is no issue.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Not familiar with the company, so don't know. Chances are if they say they didn't receive it, then they really didn't. It's always wise when returning an item to include a 'return receipt requested' or at least require a signature at the other end, so you'll know SOMEONE received it.

    Processing your return can take time though, because the person who gets the mail may not be the person who processes the returns, and there's no telling how long it may take to get to the person who actually handles returns. Patience.

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