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If the Republican Party is supposed to be the party of family values and Christianity, then why did they elect someone like Trump?

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    It's called a last act of desperation. America cannot really be called a Christian nation anymore but is a pluralistic society based on a capitalist secular government. Electing Trump, who by any stretch of the imagination does NOT promote Christian values, will not make America a Christian nation again. Society has embraced a worldly humanistic way of life and by trying to mandate Christian values through law, this only causes hatred towards Christians and the cause they stand for.

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  • Al
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    1 year ago

    Christians know by their history that God can use a bad person for good intentions, and for one thing, Christians are not supposed to judge others, so Trump's flaws are accepted.

    • Balt Bear1 year agoReport

      So Christians like using people, and then blaming God for what happens? Sounds more like Satanism to me...because it is.

  • 1 year ago

    Because it was the less evil of the two evils running...

    • BS, that was only the final election. Republicans nominated Trump out of the field of all other available republicans. So apparently he was the best option republicans had to offer?

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  • 1 year ago

    It's the party of liars and hypocrites.

    • Megumi
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      Democraps belong to the party of liars and hypocrites, e.g. you!

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    If Democrats are supposed to be the party of anti-war, pro-rights, pro-poor, anti-corrupion, anti-racism, why do they keep electing people like Obama, Clinton, Bernout, Biden, ETC?

    • perry m1 year agoReport

      Obama did not cut the unemployment ate in half and did nothing for veterans he wouldn't even house all homeless vets before housing the enemy under false refugee

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    We looked at the alternative.

    • BS, that was only the final election. Republicans nominated Trump out of the field of all other available republicans. So apparently he was the best option republicans had to offer?

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    The stated values of a political party are little more than a sales gimmick & the Donald was the best salesman.

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      I referred to this as a ‘rape Ivana Trump

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Power. Power. Power.

    He who has power CONTROLS the LEGISLATION drawn up TO GOVERN the behavior of others.

    The constitution of the court will be determined by the republicans, and the path set for the next generation. "The vacancy will allow President Donald Trump to make the U.S. Supreme court a solidly conservative body for years, if not generations, to come — a towering legacy of his time in office."

    So why wouldn't they want TO exercise power?

    Care about family values? Seriously? They want to ban abortion, whilst ignore OUTRIGHT the homeless, destitute kids on the streets.

    What matters more, a blob of cells incapable of surviving outside of the womb, or providing care for ACTUAL LIVING BREATHING SUSTAINABLE UNDERAGE CHILDREN?

    The evangelicals turn a blind eye to how those preaching family values are embroiled in RAMPANT INFIDELITY. So much for their love of heterosexual family model.

    Represent Christianity? Since Bush Jr 2003, U.S. has NOT turned away from endless wars. A cynic would question how fighting CHRISTIAN RUSSIA as an enemy is justified?

    The evangelicals didn't want the refugees given shelter in U.S. as a consequence of their endless middle eastern meddling.

    • Russian is less Christian in practice than Vermont, and persecutes evangelicals. As for "rampant infidelity," you must be referring to liberals.

  • 1 year ago

    Many democrats voted for Trump over hillary. You were saying?

    • Axiom
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      Mr Kang - You are talking (Typing) out of your @rseh0le. Why would any Democrat vote Republican, Fvck the Confederate flag!

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