What have the Romans pagans before they become Christians what they ever done for us?

Beside aqueducts, public safety, public baths, roads, sanitation, education, a fresh water system, public order and, of course, wine.

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    Given us a lot of western civilization, include the ancient Greek their cultures , myths traditions legends and and the Romance languages. French , Spanish, Latin = modern Italian, and maybe Portuguese. English is a Germanic language but it barrows heavily from other languages. I learned more about English grammar by taking

    Latin and French in middle and high school than I ever did in English classes.The Muslims and Indo-Europeans transmitted a lot of out science math .

    The Muslims/ Moors preserved the knowledge of the Ancient Greeks and Romans during the middle ages after the the the plague and small pox decimated Asia and Europe during the 1300s , The Renaissance had already started in Europe in the 1200s and 1300s and was delayed by 150 to 200 years. The Roman Catholic church was essentially the international government after the Roman Empire fell apart. Many of our law codes originated in the with Baylonians Greeks AND Romans.

    Where do you you think Arabic numbers come from They originated in India So did the concept of zero.... Christianity has borrowed HEAVILY from many pagan religions, including Celtic cultures.. Christmas is essential a Roman winter solstice celebration adapted adopted by the Roman Catholic Church. Jesus was probably bron in march..

    If you IGNORE history, you are condemned to make the SAME mistakes.. EVERY generation has to make the SAME mistakes and learn the SAME lessons as previous generations, even if they DO know history.

    The Romans also gave us this:


    The Romans gave us a lot. I pity ignorant people who insist on REMAINING ignorant and blatantly showing it off ONLINE. Ignorance is NOT bliss. All see is WILLFUL ignorance leads to FEAR and hatred and jealousy.

    Source(s): B.A. Vum laude, with honors in in history, B.S. Earth scinces ?geology, M.S. ABT geophysics, B.S. physical geography, M.S. geology
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      CarolOklaNola I do not ignore history, I was making that question in honor of the Monthy Python, Life of Brian...What have the Romans ever done for us sketch... Because many Christians around here think that the Western Civilization come only from Christianity... in what you call WILLFUL ignorance.

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