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is it true that men are above women in Christianity and women must obey men?

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    IF YOU TRULY BELIEVE IN THE BIBLE... YES... Because it says Woman was made for man... etc....

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    Christian women should obey their husbands only and the husband should cherish his wife. A Christian wife only obeys her husband that she loves. This brings unity to the home. God is of order and as the husband is over his wife, Christ is over the husband. This makes for a very happy and content home when a family follows Jesus Christ.

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    All men and women are equal.

  • In a Christian household, the husband is head of his wife and the wife is in subjection to her husband. God establishes the order of things, A husband is head of his wife as Jesus Christ is head of the congregation, and God is the head of Jesus Christ. A husband should love his wife as he loves himself and as Jesus Christ loves the congregation. A husband is to treat his wife lovingly and a wife should have deep respect for her husband. Even in a household where only the wife is Christian, she should be in subjection to her husband, husbands and wives should communicate and talk things over, but a husband has final say. Now, if a husband should ask of his wife something contrary to God's word, then she would not obey. But a wife should respect her husband, love him, and be a compliment and helper, who knows if you would win him over without a word by your fine Christian conduct.

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      **** that ****, if I have a husband, he's equal to me, I will not be there for his entertainment, a man is not head of me.

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    Wives always control their husbands sexually, even in toxic born-againism.

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      This was never the way Innana was

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    NO .. that is how it is in Islam - not in Christianity.

    In the Christian faith men and women are complimentary, each with their own strengths.

    There is a spiritual order of headship, but that is nothing to do with "obeying"... It is the

    parallel which Paul described: the husband is head of the wife as Christ is head of the

    church .. and we know that Christ gave Himself totally for the redemption of His church.

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      Christians and Muslims are very much alike

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    Men and women are to be subject to one another, for each is subject to God. Ephesians 5.

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    Yes it is true, a simple read of the bible will reveal that is true. Even in the new testament so please don't listen to people saying that was the old testament or we are equal in Gods eyes because that's just avoiding the question. The simple answer is yes, now it's up to you to do the research. You want to know what's wrong with the bible you ask an atheist because most atheist or at least critical thinkers won't make excuses for it but judge it as if they were judging anything else.

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      you mean only in the New testimant. such misogyny does not exist in the Torah.

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