Have you noticed that if you add a link to a source in your question as an update, your question disappears from the category completely?

Update: WTF is with the hate? Why do you think I'm liberal?
Update 2: Seriously try it. Make a question. Then it appears in the politics list. Then Add an update with a link to a source. Then check the politics list. It's gone. Why are you all angry about my question? It's not trolling. It's a legit question. It has no agenda whatsoever.
Update 3: What's with all the conservatives thinking this is some sort of attack on them? Can you explain?
Update 4: I purposely hid my username because I wanted to see if others noticed the same thing as I did, without getting partisan bickering involved. Apparently you're all looking for someone to attack even if there is no political bias in the question at all. Strange.
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