Celtic fans.. Is it true that Kieran Tierney is being linked with a £25 million move to Everton or is it just more nonsense?

We've all heard the multi million pound move that was supposed to happen with Dembele, about £30 million or something like that. What team did he move to again? I missed that transfer.

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    Well it makes sense, iv'e said for a while now that Baines is over rated Everton's current 1st choice LB, and pretty much on his last legs in terms of Prem quality, the money sounds about right considering the market mayb it should be even higher, don't forget you need a comparable replacement, well they do, you obviously don't care lol, and on top of that it's all over the net, from my knowledge, where there's smoke there's fire...If i was a Celtic fan, i'd want more than 30 mil for Dembele, what matters is what they produce on the pitch and he produces..At that price that's tickling my interest.....although there's a few others like Fulhams Sessegnon etc..


  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    I think he'll be an Everton player before the transfer window closes

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Yes it’s seems very possible unless Celtic counter.

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