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Is it safe to take ecstasy if you have tonsillitis?

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  • Mike
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    2 years ago


  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    tonsillitis offers no safety feature as far as ecstasy is concerned.

  • 2 years ago

    No, it is not safe to take Ecstasy, even if your don't have Tonsillitis.

  • 2 years ago

    I am not convinced that it is actually and truly safe to take X at any time, to be honest, but "safe" is a very relative term. I have never thought it to be wise to take mood-altering or psychedelic drugs when in poor health, myself, because it is unwise to risk possible risky behaviors resulting from being not if full control of your mental faculties. But hey, it is your life, not mine.

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  • 2 years ago

    Of course not. It isn't safe even if you don't have tonsillitis.

  • 2 years ago

    It might NEVER be safe to take ecstasy.

  • 2 years ago

    ask your doctor.

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