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What smartphone should I get?

My iphone 4S has gotten slow enough to be pretty much unusable, so it's finally time for an upgrade.

Are other companies as bad as Apple about planned obsolescence? I'd like a phone that will last several years and be able to handle software updates.

All the new models are huge! I want a phone that fits in my pocket. Or comes with a belt clip or something.

I mostly use the phone for gaming and internet. I'd like to be able to pull it out and google something without lag time. Don't need a great camera or tons of storage or fingerprint scanning.

I'm willing to pay for quality, but I'm not willing to pay for trendiness. I'd take a Galaxy S7 over an S8 - the features look identical and the older model is that much cheaper. But again, I'd need the company to still support older models a few years from now.

1 Answer

  • 2 years ago

    Galaxy is probably better than iPhone. Although I personally prefer iPhone (what I’m used to). The best tip would be to never get the newest phone. They make new ones so fast anyways, it really doesn’t matter. Unless you have plenty of money to buy each newest one like a lot of people do.. I have iPhone 7 Plus and I’ll keep this one until the games can’t run on this version anymore.

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