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Is William Hurt A Famous Actor?

He appears in The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Now I have said that newere superhero films don't have the calibre of actors they used to, but I think that is mainly DC films, Jeremy Irons is the only actor I really rate in then, Ben Affkeck is OK but not great.

Marvel Cinematic Universe has Robert Redford and Samuel L Jackson.

William Hurt is in The Incredible Hulk (2008), I assume he plays General Ross

Has he appeared in any other film as that role.

He won an Oscar and nominated for others. Rare for an actor in modern superhero films

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    Fame is not quantifiable one can be famous or not famous.

    Hurt by virtue of being a long time awarding wining actor is considered famous.

    Stop spamming, sophie.

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    I would say he is famous, but not very famous. He's no an A-lister or anything, but plenty of people know who he is and have seen him in something or other.

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    I don't know about famous. He's only been in a few small movies like:

    Altered States


    Body Heat

    The Big Chill

    Gorky Park

    Kiss of the Spider Woman

    Children of a Lesser God

    Broadcast News

    A Time of Destiny

    The Accidental Tourist

    I Love You To Death


    Until the End of the World

    And a whole ton of others I don't have room to list off. Nothing a comic book reading millennial douche like you would have ever seen.

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