What scales are required for a college audition?

I am planning to take marching band in college and a friend told me that you have to audition for it, what scales for a trombone are required and what would be a good audition piece?

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  • 3 years ago
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    By the time you get to college, if you are music major, you must know ALL the major and minor scales, and in enharmonics (so 15 names, not 12 for majors - and all 3 forms on the minor scales.). If you are only a kid trying out for band, I would expect that they want you to know 12 major scales fluently, have good rhythm, and really good sightreading skills. Some colleges will REQUIRE all Music Ed majors to be in marching band and/or pep band, and then they will offer scholarship money to NON music majors for instruments they need. So go practice - you might get in, and have fun and even make some scholarship money.

    Source(s): Retired school musical director.
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