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Is it bad that I'm planning on giving my boyfriend one of my dad's watches for Christmas ?

I keep hearing that it's really bad to regift something and give it to someone else but I know he only has one watch he wears constantly and has been wanting a new one for a long time. Neither of us have the money to buy one, so I had an idea to give him one of my dads for Christmas. He wears invicta ALOT and doesn't really care about his Michael Kors watches so he was fine with me giving it to him. I chose the one he wore only two or three times so it barely has any damages just tiny scratches you can barely see unless you look really really good. I tried to polish it so it looks shiny I'm just scared that he might not want it or if it even is a good idea?

1 Answer

  • 2 years ago

    Who wears a watch these days besides grandpas?

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