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Best Christopher Walken Film,m?

My wife loves Christopher Walken, he is her favourite film actor, she managed to watch the bad Bond film A View To A Kill (1985) just because he is in it as the villain.

He won an Oscar for The Deer Hunter (1978), he overshadowed Robert De Niro and this was when De Niro was great, he was rarely overshadowed in film but I think Walken was better in that film.

Pulp Fiction (1994), is interesting because he appears in only a single scene but his monologue is awesome.

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    The always magnificent Christopher Walken, as good an actor as he is, has made a name for himself by making an appearance in more movies, rather than being the main star. But, when he is the featured actor he's been great, most notably, in At Close Range, The Dead Zone, The Addiction, and The Funeral, which are my favorites.

    If I had to pick the best film he's been in, it would be The Dead Zone. This is one role where he wasn't menacing, but more powerless to what was happening to him. For having such a reputation for playing the bad guy, he was great playing a vulnerable accident victim, unable to control the gift he's given. He gets to play angry, confused, sympathetic, vengeful, scared, and determined to name a few emotions and actions. The Dead Zone gave him the chance to play a person who felt betrayed, then withdrawn knowing what power he has and not wanting to be that person who saves everyone. That is, until his conscience won't allow him to avoid helping others, and, in the end, he must use his gift to destroy evil, which subsequently frees him from his pain. It's a great performance.

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    You are correct - can you imagine trying to carry that scene.

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    The Deer Hunter

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    He's great in Suicide Kings. Its a decent movie made better by Walken's performance

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    Catch Me If You Can

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    King of New York

  • 3 years ago

    Biloxi blues

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