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My cat is majorly stressed and I don't know what to do?

Yesterday we had to evacuate our house because the city is on fire and it was a mandatory evacuation. We had to put our cats in carriers and we drove an hour away to my aunt's house. The cats we let out of their carriers and into a room so they could move around after a long day in their carriers. One of the cats was fine and made himself at home right away. The other one was let out and went immediately to the corner and hasn't moved. He won't pee, eat, drink nothing! He started shaking this morning and I'm really worried. How do I get him to be comfortable?

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  • 3 years ago

    You wait, make sure the cat doesn't get out of that room, keep things as quiet as possible, and let the cat get used to his new surroundings. That's about all you can do unless you take the cat to the vet and get medication. Some pet stores sell homeopathic anti-anxiety stuff. You can try one of those if you like. I have never found any of them to make the slightest difference.

  • 3 years ago

    Just be patient and keep offering him food, water, a bed. Cats are very territorial and don’t like change. Your cat is very very stressed by this sudden disruption of his entire world.

    I suggest you put food, water, a litterbox and a very very cozy bed right in that corner with him. Most cats find polar fleece very comfy and like wool even better. If you have a blanket from home, offer him that. I mean put all that stuff right in the corner with him so it’s all within easy reach.

    If you can keep noises down, no loud TV or radio in the room, people coming and going to a minimum. And spend some time in there with him stroking and talking to him softly. Try hand feeding him something really wonderful, like chicken. You could also try sitting near him holding and petting the other cat and he might begin to see that things are ok.

    If it were me, I’d take a couple pieces of skinless chicken and cook them down til they were very very tender, be sure there were no bones, and offer a little shredded chicken along with some of the broth. If you want to add a little cooked white rice, just a little, that would be ok too. This is what I feed my animals when they are sick, it’s enticing as well as easy to digest. If you can get some food and water into him it will likely stimulate him to eliminate, so be sure there is a clean catbox right there for him.

    You can also contact you vet and see if they can give you tranquilizers. If your vet is closed try a vet in the area that you are staying, explain the situation. This may not work because unknown vets usually want to examine the animal but I know my vet would give me some if I could get hold of her.

  • Laura
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    3 years ago

    Go to a pet store and get calming treats. If your cat likes catnip, get some too. Sprinkle the catnip in the corner for him, and give him a calming treat or two.

    He needs to eat though. Get some canned food, or even canned tuna, and see if that will get him to eat.

  • Joe
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    3 years ago

    Go to a pet store and buy something with 'Catnip' in (its a herb that helps cats chill) or else buy one of the plug-in devices that releases an aroma cats can smell and that helps them to relax. It is not harmful in any way. You are very thoughtful to realise your cat is suffering. Either of the things I suggest should help along with some reassurance from you.

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  • 3 years ago

    When I moved, my cat did pretty much the same thing. She found a place to hide, and stayed there for a few days, refusing to eat and drink. What I did is I would visit her often, petting her and trying to calm her down. You could try hand feeding your cat, etc.

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