Are people who are standing by roy moore implying that those republican women accusing moore for assault are liars?

Update: or are you standing by roy moore regardless what he did?
Update 2: and you cons are willing to attack republican women, for the sake of saving roy moore. LOL
Update 3: if you cons are going to criticize liberals for bashing republican women, at least admit you are too LOL
Update 4: @mustagame you really are a stupid moronic hick LOL
Update 5: white people in alabama love roy moore to the point they would accuse women of their own party as liars LMAO
Update 6: @mustagme show me the evidence that its fabricated by liberals lol

YOU are an example of those dumb inbred hicks
Update 7: @mustagme and it does;t matter whether i have evidence or not because even if he admit what he did, you would STILL support him LMAO
Update 8: proof or not you dumb.s.s roy moore supporting hicks would still support him even if he admit what he did
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