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How does narcissism compares or contrasts with the "nice guy" complex?

1 Answer

  • LG
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    A lot of parallels between the two IMO. The main one being the attempts to control how others view him and feel about him, with low self-esteem being the main driver behind this behavior. Like narcissists, they develop a false self-image(giver, provider, perfect lover) in order to cover/compensate for a deeper, ugly self-image.

    Some nice guys(talking about ones with the complex, not any guy who could be described as nice) end up in long term relationships with borderline women. See

    And then some nice guys seem to be always chasing after some out of reach girl or impossible situation. The guys have likely developed an addiction to romantic/sexual obsession. And like any addiction, they lose interest in normal things(like available women) in favor of their addiction; finding a girl to obsess over and then spend countless hours dreaming about how great its going to be once he gets her to love him or in bed.

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