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Is 5:12st (3/4) the right weigh for a 14yr old girl, I'm like 5'1 (something)? Thank for the help.?

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    You are underweight. I would normally say that if you are at that weight naturally without restricting, it is fine. But in your comments you mention that you DO restrict. So your weight is unhealthy and you need some help.

  • 3 years ago

    Are you happy ? Healthy? If so than you are fine. If not then you need to see a doctor. Don't focus on numbers. Focus on building your self confidence and self esteem. Cause here is a hint: It doesn't matter how many random people tell you that you are fine over the internet. You are really only looking for the one to affirm the negative. Be strong. Listen to Pink! Ignore your friends that obsess about dumb stuff like weight and popularity.

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