Rochelle asked in HealthMental Health · 3 years ago

I'm addicted to the feel of my thick, wiry hairs but I don't think it's trichotillomania?

I have long, wavy, poofy, thick hair. I LOVE the feel of my hairs that are super kinky and wiry. I love to grab a few strands of hair and go through each hair until I find the super wiry ones. I don't think it's trichotillomania because I don't like to pull out the hairs. I just like to run my finger down them and feel all those bumps. It feels so cool and I can't stop. I'm starting to get a bald spot though because the hairs are sometimes come out. I don't purposely pull but sometimes they are loose and I do it so often they come out a lot. I really want to know what this is and why I do it. I have OCD, ADHD, and anxiety and maybe those play a part in it I don't know but I really need to find an alternative.

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