My boyfriend wants me to go on a double date but I really don't want to?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a couple months now and we go on a lot of single dates but I've also went on 3 double dates with his friends (not once has it been my friends, he's only been introduced to them and I'm guessing he doesn't like being around them). He knows how uncomfortable it makes me because I'm a complete introvert and I had social anxiety for the longest, yet he still plans them. I've been open to it the first two times but it just makes me feel out of place. When I recently told him about my friends parents wedding and how she invited both of us to come he said it was fine at first and then later close to the date said he didn't really want to be around a whole bunch of my friends who he didn't know. So I told him we didn't have to because I didn't want to make him feel awkward. I just don't think he cares if I feel like that though. The last time I went on a double date with his friends they kinda just called me out on being shy and not knowing what to say. It just made me feel worse. I get so pressured to feel like I need to impress his friends ... idk what to do.

Btw this date tomorrow is supposed to be at a restaurant and then the movies.. I feel like the restaurant is going to be weird

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  • lala
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    3 years ago

    You do not feel to go ;;;;do NOT go

    Take care of your feeling because he doesnt care about how you feel

    He is quite selfish so think about your well being

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