Why does this woman constantly toss her hair when she's talking to me?

In my office, this other secretary, everytime we are chatting she feels some need to throw her hair. It's not in her face or eyes. She's not flirting cause I'm a female and she is happily married? What's her problem? Drives me crazy. Hard to take her seriously.
Update: 5 minute to midnight: she's not flirting. I'm here, you're not. okay? she's not flirting.
Update 2: Jackson, you should totally try to help a person by reading the question and then answering.

Cassidy, would a woman toss her hair while talking to a woman she doesn't like? that's interesting.
Update 3: If she's doing it cause she's nervous, then she needs to get some help because she does this all day long. Literally every five minutes. And I have heard her refer to her hair as "my beautiful hair." Wow.
Update 4: helal, jenny and amit, here's hoping you grow up soon.
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