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How do I temporarily disable my pc?

I want to temporarily make my pc seem as though it doesn't work or atleast make it unusable until I want to turn it back to normal. Could anyone help me do this please? It would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hardware answers: remove the mains cable, the monitor, or the mouse and keyboard (but a determined person could find a replacement).

    Software answers: set the machine up so that a password is required to access any of the accounts. Write a program which accepts any keyboard input but displays only a blank screen until you input the password. Make sure that that is the program that runs when the computer starts up.

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    Forget your password.

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    To Disable Antivirus: Open the Windows OneCare user interface.

    Click View or Change Settings > Antivirus Tab.

    Click the radio button to turn the anti-virus off.

    To Disable Firewall: Open the Windows OneCare user interface.

    Click View or Change Settings > Firewall Tab.

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    If your parents can't afford you a new PC, you'd be a complete douchebag to try and fake it.

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    open the ram

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    That's a rather odd request......

    You can open your computer case and disconnect the motherboard power cable so that it will not receive any power when you push the power button.

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    No unfortunately not, but you could always leave it out of power

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