Pregnant in my final year at uni?


I found out 2 days ago that I’m 4 weeks pregnant, at age 20 in my final year of my teaching degree

My boyfriend wants me to get an abortion but I’m unsure...

As a student, I currently don’t have a job and my boyfriend has a decent job but he’s currentky training for another one. When he gets his new job he’ll initially have to take a pay cut.

I go on placement January - March and I finish my course in May, probably due to have the baby in June or July.

I’d have to put my NQT year on pause, so I’d have no money for even longer, and I’d have to rely on my boyfriend. My boyfriend would be paying for two adults, a house and this baby.

My family would be so disappointed as well

We don’t live together yet but are planning on doing this when I finish uni. I know it’d sensible to get an abortion and every factor says I should, but I don’t really know if I want to.

I just need advice from anyone who’s ever been in a similar situation, or anyone else who wants to offer it! So sorry it’s all a bit of a ramble :(

Thanks in advance!

2 Answers

  • 3 years ago

    "I know it’d sensible to get an abortion..."

    Do you really think so?

    We never know how our lives are going to turn out, and almost always, it doesn't turn out the way we thought or planned. We cannot undo anything that has already happened. All we can do is look at the current reality and accept it as is and go forward from there.

    Abortion cannot undo what has already happened, and from what you wrote, in your heart, you already know this on an intuitive level.

    Yes, your life will be changed with a baby and it will not be as you planned and that is okay.

    It's always scary to go towards the unknown, to be challenged, to go through difficulty, but it's worth it. It's always worth it.

    Your heart is giving you the answer.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Boyfriend doesn't get what he wants. It is about what you want. Your choice, momma.

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