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Can Biotin be taken with Perfectil?

I want my hair to grow faster, which I know isn't just down to supplements. But I want to use supplements amongst other things like less blow drying, using conditioning treatments etc,

I already take Perfectil Original, is it safe to also take Biotin 10000mcg tablets with this?

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  • 3 years ago

    why do you children think hair is going to grow faster than your body allows

  • 3 years ago

    Ask the doctor who PRESCRIBED you to take Perfectil and Biotin.

    DYK: like medications there are side effects in taking supplements, too?

    One example from YA!

    “11 days ago I switched from my normal hair growth vitamin/ mineral pill to biotin. For the last 9 days all my hair has done is incesently fall out. There are full length strands all over my clothes, in between my fingers when I touch my hair and everywhere when I wash it. I can't believe something that is taken to stop hair loss has caused it to happen for me. I'd been wracking my brains for reasons why it could have be happening, I even left the doctor and everyone else I asked for advice from stumped. I'm immediately going to stop taking it and was wondering if anyone else encountered this, and wanting to tell anyone that starts taking it to be cautious and stop straight away if you notice anything, not wait nearly two weeks”.

    Example it made her legs hair grow faster! “I’ve been taking this pills about a little over a week and I've noticed my hair legs are growing like crazy and as far as my nails are stronger and my hair had grown an inch so I was wondering how can I make it stop growing my hair legs thanks”

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