I ve been dancing since May and I ve developed really bad knee pain?

Ever since July my knees have slowly gotten worse and worse. My coaches said they re weak so I need to exercise them to build muscle around my knees but the more pressure I put on them the more it hurts. It s mainly my right knee that hurts ALL THE TIME. I wear a knee brace and I ice it everyday. I had 2 weeks to rest it last month and the pain still didn t get any better. When I try to stretch for my splits and I extend my leg it pops in and out and I have to crack it a lot to relieve some of the pressure. It feels like someone is pushing on my knee from the inside. I ve asked my family to take me to a doctor because I can t run. My PE teacher told me If it s chronic that I need to get a doctor s note and I ve told her that they won t take me because they don t want to pay money just so the doctor can tell them I need to rest it. It hurts to the point where I m limping and I don t know what to do

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