water seeping up through laminate flooring?

water seeping up through laminate flooring In certain spots in kitchen in one area. Hot water tank, fridge and sink is all in one area. But it's dry around those areas. I'm just now having this problem. What could it be ? It's not the roof.

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  • 3 years ago

    Consider what is under the floor in that area.

  • 3 years ago

    What could it be ? It's not the roof.

    You DO NOT know that.

  • 3 years ago

    well, the laminate flooring, unless it is the most expensive variety, is dead anyway, so pull it all up and look for where the water is coming from. possibles:

    the air is so moist [a/c off?] that the 'fridge's water collection/evap pan underneath is overflowing.

    'freezer is melting big time and the water has to go somewhere

    hot water tank has rusted out in the back where you can't see it

    sink drain pipes have a leak

    faucet leaks water -- but only when turned on -- into the under sink cavity which then hits the floor.

    valves for sink leak

    dishwasher leaks or fails to properly drain and thus overflows

    more remote possibilities:

    water pipes leaking inside wall [70's era plastic pipes?]

    a/c evap line runs through wall somewhere nearby and is leaking

    if you're really insistent on not pulling up the flooring, examine the baseboards all the way around with strong light and on hands and knees -- very close inspection required. you could even wear cotton gloves and look for dampness and/or water.

    btw -- how is the house built? concrete slab underneath? crawl space? basement?

    I've even seen copper piping under a concrete slab crack [due to foundation settling], which required breaking through the slab to find and repair the leak. This is extremely difficult to track down and there's probably a professional leak detection firm in your area [ask any licensed plumber] that can find this.

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