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Serious fear of flying, help!?

When I say serious I mean serious. I fly 2nite, first an hour flight with 4 hour stop off, then a 7 hour flight. I got married 2 days ago and was given a honeymoon. So I havent even had any time to get used to it. Im already in tears. I literally have a full blown panic attack, screaming, crying shaking, can't breathe, locked hands, and that was only on a 30 minute flight! Vodka usually helps but thats for a flight that only lasts an hour or 2. Propranolo did absolutely nothing for me, I've been like this for years, i never used to be scared but it's getting worse, seriously worse. Help.

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    As both an airline captain and a licensed therapist, I've developed solid help for the most serious cases of fear of flying. See my blog on Psychology Today. Here's a sample:

    Also, read the beginning of my book at

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    then seek professional help instead of asking people online.

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    The only thing I can say is that you are literally safer on a large passenger airplane than anyplace else in the world.

    Most airline pilots go through their entire career and retire without experiencing a real emergency; if there was any real danger, they would not want to be on the plane!

    Only you can change what is in your own mind.

    Just think though:

    If you are on a train and get thrown about a bit, you don't give it a second thought, it's normal - but if the train actually moved a couple of inches it would derail.

    The same amount of "rough" flight if a plane goes through a bit of turbulence is meaningless; there is nothing but air nearby and nothing to go wrong (and the planes are massively strong; they can stand a similar force to what the space shuttle experiences on takeoff! Turbulence is a tiny fraction of that & irrelevant to the plane, by comparison).

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