Soda vs Diet Soda. Which is more harmful to drink sparingly?

Before you say don't drink either because they are both bad listen. I put sparingly because I really only drink it about once every 2 months maybe. Just wondering if I rarely drink it does it matter if I drink regular? I heard Diet soda is just as bad but reg soda is loaded with carbs and sugar.

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    3 years ago
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    If you only drink it once every couple of months, then regular is fine. In fact, some nutrition experts say it's definitely better to drink regular (if you're an occasional drinker) and avoid the diet ones altogether.

    Regular soda (coca cola) has about 140 calories in 12 ounces (39 g carbs) and while that is a lot, there are plenty of other beverages that have more calories, and in the scheme of things, 1 cola isn't going to harm you now and then. Think of it is eating an occasional candy bar (1.9 oz Snickers 250 cals) or bowl of vanilla ice cream (273 cals/cup). (info per

    There are PLENTY of 'treats' that have more calories than a Coke. Just be mindful of your choices and don't go overboard. A sweet treat to eat or drink now and then, is fine.

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    doesnt matter

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    Both of them are poison, filled with sugar and all that. There is NO difference! Don't drink either one. Just drink water only, or at least fruit juice.....

    Also I have heard that diet soda actually has MORE sugar

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    3 years ago

    I dont trust chemical sweeteners, so stick to regular soda.

    I often drink watered down soda, now I find undiluted soda tastes too sweet and sickly to me.

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    3 years ago

    Diet is better bc diet soda hasn't yet been proven to be poisonous whereas regular soda has, conclusively.

    A can of Coke is akin to the liver as a can of beer.

    Does that answer your question?

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    3 years ago

    If all you're drinking is once every 2 months drink what you want. It won't hurt you either way.

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