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Dance Tryouts in 2 weeks?

I'll be a Sophomore next year and I want to try out for my school's dance team. Its a hip hop, coed dance team. I love to dance even though I'm not that good. But i really want to learn and get better. I've performed once for the rally at my school and it was really fun, I loved the feeling of performing. There will be many competitions this year and I have very little dancing experience. I've been stretching for only 2 weeks so far to get more flexible and tryouts start May 1 and end May 12. I have 2 more weeks to do everything I can to prepare. My friend who is on the dance team this year said she'd help me during tryouts, but what more can I do? Any certain stretches I should do? I could also walk around my neighborhood for an hour or so on top of the stretching

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    4 years ago

    Stretching makes you flexible but it doesn't make you a dancer. Flexibility without the strength is useless in dance. You cannot learn to dance in two weeks. Why not tryout and if you don't make it because they require actual dance skills, sign up for some dance classes at a local studio ad try again next time.

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