Can a heavier person cosplay thin characters?

I'm a heavyset person and I originally wanted to cosplay as Junkrat from Overwatch, seeing as he's my favorite character by far. But after a while, I kept thinking "oh... I probably shouldn't cosplay as him. He's a friggin twig. I'm probably too fat to cosplay as him." And I just wanted to know what you lovely internet people think. Should I cosplay as Junkrat? Or should I just stick to larger characters? Personally, I think I could pull off a Roadhog cosplay and look heckin amazing, but I dunno.

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  • John
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    4 years ago
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    well you CAN, no one is going to stop you, but can doesn't mean should. the whole point of cosplay is to look like a living version of that character, so if you don't look like a character, you probably should cosplay them. i really wish i could be a cosplayer, but i have glasses and the only characters i see with glasses look nothing like me in facial structure, bone structure, etc, so i can't. i'd say play to your strengths, if you think you could pull off a good roadhog, go be the best roadhog you can be!

    you can always dress up as junkrat for halloween since halloween is more about fun than accuracy anyway.

  • 4 years ago

    naw, do it.

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