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Beast asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 3 years ago

Hey everyone. Got a question about Dad and me. I'm 18 and live with him and will head off to college an hour away in the fall.?

Thing is I'm gay and in love with him. We used to not get along until my adopted younger sister died of leukemia. Mom was never in the picture. Dad is 40 and the grandest and most generous guy I know. When I was 13 Dad helped me stop a homophobic bully who targeted me.

It was then that Dad decided I was old enough for the truth so he sat me down and told me he's also gay. Since then, we have an incredible comfort level since we're roomies and friends. Since we had landmark birthdays in the same week, we had a blowout party with all our gay friends. He even bought me a car. After everyone left, i thanked him over and over. We hugged and he let me kiss him on the cheek. After all this time, I just had to tell him how I feel. So I did. We kissed on the lips. I asked him if we could make love in my room since I won't be there as much. We did and it was good. In the morning we made love again. Over breakfast we had a where could this go talk. We decided that I still should stay on campus during the week to get involved and come home weekends, at least either Saturday or Sunday if not both days, and of course holidays and breaks. We were incredibly comfortable before but wow, I had never seen him naked before, or kissed him, or showered with him or made love with him until now. Do you think we could make this work and still date?

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