Computer Networking?

On tower computer ,upon attempting to answer a question on Yahoo answers, answer box does not accept typed answer. Did accept answer before and answers are accepted on laptop .

Help please

1 Answer

  • 4 years ago

    What happens when you try? It would help to know what happens when you try. Several things can happen:

    1. If you take too long, you can lose the connection (type outside Yahoo and cut/paste to get around this)

    2. You have exceeded your daily limit (does the word false appear?)

    3. You exceeded the character limit (is the box red with a negative number?)

    4. You have a bad cache file on your system, clean and reboot.

    5. Just copy your question, refresh the page and paste it in again.

    6. Certain links will cause problems, post without them and add as updates.

    7. Symbols such as % will cause problems on mobiles. Spell it out.

    8. On mobiles, try Desktop mode.

    Sometimes when that happens, the answerdid submit, the problem is the next screen does not come up properly.

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