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How can a tornado watch be issued when the sky is blue? Can radar or satellites see conditions forming before they're visible to us?


Can meteorologists tell by the size and strength of approaching fronts? How do they know when isolated tornadoes will briefly touch down or when a major outbreak is expected with violent and long-lived tornadoes?

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  • MikeTL
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    4 years ago
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    A watch means that the possibility exists. A warning means that a tornado has been spotted and is imminent. Watches can last for several hours, so while it might be blue sky now, it won't be for long. And yes, radar and satellites can see storms forming before they form.

  • Kuba
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    4 years ago

    A tornado watch covers a large-enough area that most areas in a tornado watch usually has clear skies overhead. Back in the day, they would issue them well before thunderstorm initiation occurred... nowadays they seem to wait until there's at least some thunderstorm activity ramping up.

    Even tornado warnings can be issued with blue skies overhead. When it comes to thunderstorms and especially supercells, there might not be a single cloud within miles of the actual thunderstorm, as subsidence immediately around the storm inhibits further cloud formation.

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    Small tornado's are circular winds on the ground, only large Tornado's come from certain clouds in the sky. The tail of it feeds it's circular spin as it drops down & travel's & an Organization found 4 smaller UFO'S enlarging Tornado's. Mike

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  • TQ
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    4 years ago

    Radar and satellites see upstream weather advancing on an area.

    Meteorologists use observations ... computer models ... and applied research to analyze whether conditions are favorable for tornadoes to touch down briefly or be long-lived. If conditions are considered favorable ... a watch will be issued.


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    4 years ago

    A tornado watch simply means that atmospheric conditions could be favorable for tornadoes to occur. Meteorologists use many different resources such as weather data collected by weather balloons, weather models, and satellites.


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