Wedding venue. what to do first?

We are planning on getting married next year but don't know what to do first.

Do we book a venue first and then inite gets guests that way we know how many to invite?

Or do we invite people first then we know what venue to book?

Our weddings isn't huge but will be adequate.

What is the best way to go about this?

Do we let everyone know we are planning a wedding before anything is booked?

I just dont know where to start!?!?

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    First, set your budget, any parental or other help. Get this straight with them if they offer, how much. Include wedding and reception and leave about 10-15% unspecified for the things that will come up that you did not budget for. You may also have some no shows, but I am always careful with this. Most people assume 10% no shows, but don't have to. I fix for total no. invited.

    Before making YOUR guest list be ready for Mom and MIL to ask to bring every family member and their kids and their friends and their friends and then their families, this is a wedding, not a family reunion and the Mom's tend to get carried away, so have your answer ready.

    Then make a tentative guest list based on your budget and the type food you want served, the higher priced the food, lesser the guests. Family, good friends, then friends you have only seen during the last year--this should be plenty.

    Once you have decided on no. of guests,pick your date and then you pick venue, do asap because many venues book a year in advance, when you tour venues look at color carpet if they have, color walls, drapes, how many electrical outlets, bathroom facilities, kitchen facilities, what do they rent or what comes with rental, ie. tablecloths, napkins.

    You don't want a venue with mustard colored carpet and purple walls.

    Next, if having, book caterer, photographer, florist.

    Put this second, do not listen to every Jane, Jill, Mrs. Etiquette W. (Wedding) Knowledge and Jean about what you must and must not have, I did this or that. Do what you want, they do mean well. If in doubt consult a good wedding etiquette book. Today, most anything goes. The formality of the wedding is usually dictated by time of day, the later the more formal.

    Next, these two sites I am listing have checklists, I prefer wedding wire. Print them out, mark out things you know you will not have and things you cannot afford.

    The less people you tell about your plans the lesser (maybe unwanted) suggestions you will get. You are not obligated to tell anyone anything unless you just want to.

    Think about MOH and BM's before choosing--any picky's?? Choose simple colors. Off the wall odd colors are more expensive to decorate with. Look at weddings, receptions on inet to get ideas. Fall is a good time to have a wedding because there are so many natural elements available to decorate with. Keep posting on this site.

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    Congratulations on your engagement!

    There are literally this ands of websites and books dedicated to this. A good place to start is

    In a nutshell, the FIRST thing you do is to set up a budget. That is the main thing as based on that you can select venue, guest list, menu etc. No, you don't book a venue first as you don't even know how much it is going to cost.

    So, it goes like this:

    1- Set a realistic budget. Not wishes or aspirations, not what you "think" your in laws or parents are going to "owe" you, not what you would have if you win the lottery, you get the idea. You sit down with your fiancé and your parents and talk about how much money you can count on, have.

    2- Set a date. I put this second as depending on budget, you will have some room to play with. May-October weddings are most expensive and you may not get the date you want. Saturday weddings are more expensive. So you can play with date date to get the most out of it. Don't have your heart set on a particular date.

    3- if you decide to get married during high season, then your venue should be book a year in advance. Officiants go quickly as well. Decide on your venue depending on your budget and available dates.

    4- once you select a venue that fits your budget, then draft a guest list. Don't start inviting people or send save the dates BEFORE you have a budget and a venue. A lot of people do this and then they are faced with the embarrassment of withdraw invitations or not follow savetds with a wedding invitation when they realize their dreams do not match their budget and they can't invite everyone that they originally wanted to.

    - invitations are mailed 10-12 weeks in advance. No need yo do this any earlier ( people forget and can't really plan a year ahead as no one knows what their health,mfinances, work, school schedule looks like). You may send a save the date ( they have free web ones in theknot) or mail one 6-9 months ahead if your wedding involves travel. If not, they are not really necessary if you are just doing a local wedding.

    Good luck

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    1. Determine your budget for the wedding. The whole wedding. Not just the venue or the caterer. Break your budget into your biggest expense categories.

    2. Make a rough guest list for the event. You don't need to know who's coming, but you do need to know if your list is looking like 50 people or more like 250 people.

    3. Book the big stuff first. Your venue, caterer, officiant, and photographer all book early (in some cases over a year in advance). If you're hiring a band or DJ, they're going to need early notice as well. Worry about details like invitations and seating charts later. You can google "wedding planning calendar" for timeline help.

  • Anonymous
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    OK! I had a really small wedding, and I can give you some pointers from my point of view.

    1: Decide on your budget first. This will insure that you don't go spend more then you're comfortable with. You don't want to go into debt for just one day out of your life.

    2: Decide how many people you would like to invite. The smaller the better in my opinion. You don't want to spend the entire day trying to say hello to everyone.

    3: Decide on the venue for the wedding and reception. It's more convenient and often times less expensive to have both at the same spot.

    4: Decide on the formality of the wedding. In my opinion the less formal it is, the better it is.

    That;s the only advice that I can offer you. Good luck!

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  • Venue is the first thing you book. Once you book a venue you have s date for the wedding which allowes other services eg catering, photography to be booked. Venues sometimes have a guest limit too, so that's something to keep in mind. But before you make bookings or a rough guest list or anything make a budget!

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    How can you invite people to an event if you can't tell them exactly when and where the event will take place?

    Of course you book the venue first. You look at your budget, you decide how many people you want to invite, then you start visiting venues to find a place you like that can accommodate everyone for your desired price. If you can't find a place that works then you need to rework your guest list and/or budget.

    Have you never planned an event before?

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    You figure out your budget. Then you think about your guest list.

    With this in mind, you figure out what venues you can afford with the number of guests you want to invite.

    Then you book the venue, and invite the guests.

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    if you do not have a place, how can you give people info?

    the date you want, you may not even be able to book for

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    4 years ago

    You have to book it first bc you have to include not only the name of it but also directions to it in the invitations.

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