How do I change my ports from filtered to open?

So I have the BT Home Hub 5, and am trying to port forward port 25565 to host a minecraft server to play with my friend and he cant connect. So I disabled my firewall on my computer, opened the ports with port range set to 25565-25565 and translate to 25565-25565. I have set upnp to off and enabled my computer as dmz. As far as im concerned i have done everything needed but when I use it says my port is filtered when i set it to "dont ping" and it recognises the application/service but says its filtered. I can connect to my minecraft server via my internal ip but obviously i cannot connect from outside this internet.

Any solutions?


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  • 4 years ago
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    There is only ONE Internet, so "outside this internet" does not make sense.

    If you have you configured the DMZ in the HH5, then this replaces port forwarding completely. DMZ is equivalent to configuring port forwarding for all ports.

    Have you set your server computer on a static address on your internal network?

    Have you set the DMZ (or port forwards) to point to this static address?

    Go to and find their ShieldsUp test. You can test the standard service ports, or configure it to test the ports you want to use.

    With the HH5, but no ports forwarded and no DMZ, then you should see green flags in the ShieldsUp results for all ports. This indicates that their test server did not detect any device on the Internet.

    If you port forward to a computer that is turned off, or is not running any server on a port, then the port should be shown in blue. This indicates that the port is there but currently closed.

    If the port is forwarded and the application on the computer has the port open, then the port is reported in red.

    All green ports means that your IP address will appear not to be in use if it is scanned by an attacker. If a port is blue, then your IP address is in use, but you should be safe from any attack on that port. However, an attacker may try other ports to see if there is a way og gaining access to a device on your network. If a port is red, then any security weakness in the server application may allow a hacker to gain access.

    You should check out port 25565 with the ShieldsUp test to see what status you get. If it is green, then the port forward has not been configured on that port. If it is blue, the port forward is configured, but it might be the wrong port, the wrong internal IP address or the server process is not running or has not opened the port in the computer.

    Presumably you created a game/application entry for Minecraft in the HH5 to define which port(s) are used by Minecraft. Did you follow that by actually creating the port forward entry to point to the static address of the server computer? You have to configure the port numbers in one place and the port forward entry in another page in the HH5.

    I hope this helps.

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  • Adrian
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    4 years ago

    Port forwarding and DMZ are contrary to each other. That is, DMZ has ALL ports open to it. Port forwarding is to a machine not in the DMZ, at a specific LAN IP address.

    Thus you have a contradiction. Maybe the router is confused by the DMZ, since no port forwarding is required for that.

    Pick one or the other, DMZ or port forwarding, not both.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Do NOT use DMZ with the computer firewall off, that is a hackers dream. Have you properly created a game setting for the router? Do NOT turn on any port triggering. Does your friend have the correct public IP address? It is dynamic and can change at any time.

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