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Why does Nicola Sturgeon think she can dictate to the rest of the UK?

She thinks she has the power to stop Article 50 being triggered . I didn't vote for her and neither did the rest of England, so why doesn't she keep her nose out of our affairs?.

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    She doesn't miss a trick does she this woman from stabbing in the back from afar (Brussels) to running around telling porkies, she really is irritating.

    Nicola Sturgeon is trying to make out she's something that she's most defiantly not, she doesn't have any sort of veto except the one that Theresa May has offered her.

    About a third of the way down the link, it reads.

    Theresa May indicated that Brexit could be delayed as she said she would not start the formal process for leaving the EU until there is a "UK approach" backed by Scotland.and all the other representatives of the Union, in that she wants their co operation take along .

    The link goes on to say.

    In a sign that the new Prime Minister was committed to keeping the Union intact, Mrs May said she would not trigger Article 50 - the formal process for withdrawing from the EU - until all the devolved nations in the country agree .

    That's her so-called veto, her so-called strong position, its nothing of the sort, what it is however, is Theresa May being courteous.

    The woman is an absolute disgrace for even suggesting she has a veto, because she doesn't have anything of the sort, what she does have or had is an offer of co operation from somebody trying to do the right thing.

    That without a second though of anything except herself, has thrown it back into the face of the person who offered it, which to me is an absolute disgraceful display of shameful behaviour, not becoming of somebody that she most certainly is not.

    This woman needs to be put firmly in her place.

  • John P
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    4 years ago

    She cannot indeed dictate to the rest of the UK. But she can stand up for what she thinks is right for Scotland, and if that makes things awkward for us in the other parts of the UK, so be it. The vote in Scotland was more definite in favour of Remain than the overall vote to Leave in England.

    She may have an ally in Northern Ireland, in that there too there will be the awkward thing of how to handle the border with the Irish Republic, especially given all the conflict in the last century (exactly a century since 1916).

    Right across the UK the vote in favour of Leave was narrow (though clear, at least we were not counting 'dimpled chads' as they were in the USA election of AD 2000), so those with Remain voices are entitled to voice that opinion strongly.

    Extracting ourselves from the EU will not be a piece of cake.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I could say the same about the rest of the UK. Most people in Scotland didn't vote for the Conservatives or the current Prime Minister, yet they're governing Scotland anyway. Why not ask the UK Government? It's their policy to keep Scotland in the UK at all costs. If Scottish independence had happened then Scotland, England and Wales could all get the EU referendum result they voted for and this would not be an issue.

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    She is not trying to dictate to the rest of the UK merely and properly in my view reflecting the views of the majority of Scottish people. Scotland is a more left wing country than th UK UNDER the Tories and thus their policies have little or no support there. The remain side of the voters in the independence referendum voted to remain in order to stay in the EU which they are now being dragged out of and it seems unlikely that the EU will accept them as a member state in their own right. Northern Ireland will also suffer.

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  • 4 years ago

    Theresa May indicated that Brexit could be delayed as she said she would not start the formal process for leaving the EU until there is a "UK approach" backed by Scotland.and all the other representatives of the Union, in that she wants their co operation take along .

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    4 years ago

    not that you care but its called "shaking the tree"

    the english think the UK refers to england only and when the negotiations to leave start the pm will be able to claim she represents a united kingdom

    sturgeon is just shaking that tree of complacency that unless the pm does something to please the scots the UK will fall apart

    Its called politics

  • 4 years ago

    Duff thinking, even by the standards of a shilpit wee English nyaff. The Tory government is the UK executive, and is dragging the rest of the countries that make up the so-called UK along in typically arrogant Tory fashion. However, we are now preparing to tell the English white van fatties and baldies, and their millionaire puppeteers, that we're not going to be dragged along by them. They may be off to hell in a handcart, but if they do, be sure we'll have declared UDI before they can inflict their lunacy on us. Our first minister should have given that vampire May a much clearer warning; and if she doesn't do so soon, we, the people, will do it for her.

    Alba gu brath.

  • Nick
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    4 years ago

    It's more like London dictating to the rest of the UK what happens. I'm happy Sturgeon is pushing for a referendum. She's a better democrat than the egits in Westminster.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Because the way the UK government is set up Scottish MPs can vote on issues that affect England but English MPs can't vote on Scotland.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Nicola Sturgeon will end up having to say to all the men/boys in skirts in noddy land,that although she thought she wares the trousers,she actually doesn t.

    And the cry babies in noddy land will have to grin and bare it,

    so put that up your kyber:-P

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