Does Nicola Sturgeon sit in both the Scottish Parliament, as Leader of the SNP AND in Westminster as the same?

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  • 4 years ago
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    No, because despite being leader of the SNP she doesn't have a constituency that she represents. But having other SNP MP's sitting in Westminster upset the majority of English, Welsh and Northern Irish MP's who, up until January this year, could not vote on issues that related only to Scotland, whereas Sturgeon and the rest of the Scottish MP's had full voting powers on everything that effected solely England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

    This meant that the Scots in Westminster would constantly veto, block or change proposals that only effected other parts of the UK (such as finance for the enlargement of a main hospital in Liverpool, the building of new housing in Swansea or investment in business enterprises in Belfast) and then attempt to get the budget set aside for these proposals funneled off to Scotland and used there - which due to the outdated Barnett formula (how each constituent part of the UK gets money allotted to them) invariably found it's way over the border.

    But as of January a Bill was successfully introduced whereby any proposals deemed actionable by, and only related to England and Wales are only voted on by the MP's from those parts of the UK. Scottish MP's were most annoyed...

  • 4 years ago

    She is not a parliamentary MP in England

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    No.She does not sit in Westminster.She's a Member of the Scottish Parliament .She is also First Minister of Scotland.The easiest way to describe it is she's kind of like a governor of a state but more so in some regards and less in others.

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