Have I wasted a year of my life?

Ok, so last year I began my first year at Melbourne University and to be honest, had a dreadful year. I had a car accident, didn't enjoy some of my subjects, which lead to stress and being antisocial and unhappy. I studied, psychology, biology and Chemistry. I hated chemistry but enjoyed parts of biology and psychology. When it came to the start of this year, I thought I wanted to pursue my life long veterinarian dream, however, realised that studying Chemistry would only make matters worse. So basically I had no idea of what I wanted to do, and did have a mental breakdown. I decided to defer for a semester. So here I am now, and I have decided to change uni (RMIT) to study psychology next semester, as Melbourne Uni didn't work for me and it felt like I was getting no where.

Even though I have made a decision, I feel like my first year of Uni was a waste of a year and money. I keep thinking that I should continue on with the Melb Uni science degree and just do psychology and save a year of studying, however, studying at Melbourne Uni didn't really work for me.

So do you think last year was a waste of time? Or should I make it "worthwhile" and continue on with my Melbourne Uni science bachelor's degree?

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  • 4 years ago

    Oh, do grow up. Your year wasn't a "waste." You took some classes and learned a lot about yourself and your academic interests. The issue right now for you is that you haven't dealt properly with the trauma of the accident or your depression. Until you get that sorted out, you should not attempt to go to any university to study any subject. Get healthy physically and mentally. Then decide what next to do. As you move forward, look for the positive and also take responsibility for your choices and actions. You were not a good fit for a pre-vet program at Melbourne, not the other way around.

  • 4 years ago

    Only one year? You still have over 40 years to waste if you want to think that way.

  • Jai
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    4 years ago

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