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Como asked in Yahoo ProductsYahoo Answers · 5 years ago

Yahoo Answers?

Yahoo Answers site was such that an e mail was received if awarded a best answer.

This practice appears to have now stopped and as a result the Yahoo Answers site has become very impersonal and much less friendly.

Anyone from Yahoo care to take up this point?

I doubt it somehow.

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  • Ozzie
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    5 years ago

    A lot has changed since I joined - not all good. The voting for best answer disappeared and now some askers don't even bother to award best answer so the question hangs for evermore.

    CM breaks down and takes forever to fix.

    So much spam that doesn't get removed.

    So many silly questions that should never have been asked. This site is supposed to be for gaining knowledge not for silly questions like: Do you like french fries or what kind of ice cream is your favourite?

    They are nonsensical and not knowledge seeking but yet they stay. There are multiple do's and don'ts in the Community Guidelines but nothing happens to those that don't follow them.

    I enjoyed participating in the early days after I joined but now not so much.

    It is doubtful you will get an answer from anyone at Yahoo itself so don't hold your breath. :(

  • ES
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    5 years ago

    It is a glitch. NO one has received mal for weeks

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