Ear infection, puss & antibiotics?

I have an ear infection, went doctors and the ear drum is red and looks like its about to burst! Now on antibiotics, what happens to the puss? Will it exit via my ear canal?

I have had ear infection before and have had the puss come out my ear. Does this only happen if the eardrum is perforated?

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  • 5 years ago

    Sorry for the state you're in, I was once, and I know it's painful. Take care and don't touch your ears, it would be a bad idea. Take your medication to the last and call your doctor if it gets worse as fast as you can.

    Eardrum perforation, ear infections, and ear injuries do not necessarily go along. An ear infection, as my doc explained it to me, CAN cause an eardrum perforation, BUT eardrum perforations can heal with the infection.

    As is all diseases where pus is involved (trigger warning: ugly decriptions ahead!)

    Okay, still there?

    When you have a pus bladder on the body, let it grow until it is about to explode, then take a carpet knife and make a little slit, press on the skin underneath and press it all out. Then apply a little alcohol and a band aid.

    When you have an ear infection, please, please do not do anything than can affect your hearing. Do not use Q-Tips or your fingers, although it seems tempting. Insist on your doc to give you heavier antibiotics, or a heavier dose of cortison. If you feel pain, which is natural, ask for a decent dose of codein. (I have some in my locker, 30mg retarded, it was prescirbed aagainst hard cough, but it's also a perfect pain killer.)

    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor.

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