What would Martin Luther King think about the Black lives Matter movement?

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Older Black people who marched with MLK jr. see the necessity for the BLM movement but they feel these young Black folks are not as spiritual and humble as they were.

    You know like how every generation thinks about the new one.

    Most people say there's a need but they'd like to make tweaks here and there. There's no such thing as a perfect movement. MLK jr. was slandered, thrown in jail, and killed. The BLM crew have been receiving the same, some masked White men followed them and shot into a crowd of BLM protesters, history repeats itself, unless we stop it.

    Okay from my article, I'll pull some excerpts:

    "I support BLM's cause, but not its approach."

    "Trained in the tradition of Martin Luther King Jr., we were nonviolent activists who won hearts by conveying respectability and changed laws by delivering a message of love and unity. BLM seems intent on rejecting our proven methods. This movement is ignoring what our history has taught."

    "The baby boomers who drove the success of the civil rights movement want to get behind Black Lives Matter, but the group’s confrontational and divisive tactics make it difficult. In the 1960s, activists confronted white mobs and police with dignity and decorum, sometimes dressing in church clothes and kneeling in prayer during protests to make a clear distinction between who was evil and who was good."

    Definitely read the rest of this article. I agree with their sentiments, the BLM movement lacks the dignity the Civil Rights Movements of the past had. However that does not devalue their message.

    I don't know how MLK jr. would feel, he's gone but his legacy remains. He would probably see a need to continue his work BUT he would encourage the youths to use more spiritual and passive tactics. I've seen racists and Supremacists trying to shame Black people into accepting their lot by using MLK jr.'s legacy as a way to shame. They would be happy if Black people weren't protesting at all. That is wrong and MLK jr. would have noticed such a travesty.

  • 5 years ago

    I honestly think he wouldn't be happy with it because the whole thing undermines the ideals he had about equality and the movement itself has become something for politicians to throw at each other. True equality is saying and believing that all lives matter.

  • 5 years ago

    I think it's a violation of someone's freedom to ascribe thoughts to them that they never stated. This is ironic considering who King was. You were taught who he was, I hope?

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