Removing a DSLR from Hand Luggage?

Early Saturday morning, I will be flying with Easy Jet on a hand luggage flight only. Only tonight have I been notified that I am unable to carry my DSLR camera around my neck, it has to be in the hand luggage bag.

However, I would absolutely love to get some shots whilst on the plane, is it at all possible once through security for example, to then remove the camera and have it on me for the duration of the flight?


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  • 5 years ago
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    Different airlines have different rules about whether you may take photos during take off and landing, and in some cases it is up to the plane crew. So you might even be able to take photos during take off.

    The only moment your camera has to be in the one piece of luggage is when you are passing the crew while boarding the plane. You may even take it out and put it back in between the different parts of boarding.

    The flight crew is not concerned with you holding the camera, it is just rules that all your carry on luggage fits within the one bag and the bag fits in the sizes they allow for the maximum.

  • zafir
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    5 years ago

    There is nothing stopping you from taking the camera out of the bag once you board the plane, and you can take photos at the airport once through security. However you must have somewhere to put it during takeoff and landing, and you need to be allocated a window seat to get any photos. Not that there is much to see once the plane is in the air. Do not take any shots within the plane without the permission of other passengers.

  • 5 years ago

    Zafir is right, you can do what you wish with it once you are past security. But I would not wear it around my neck while flying. Take your photos (being considerate of your fellow passengers, of course) and then put it away under the seat in your bag. If the plane hit bad turbulence the camera could hurt you and others if it was knocked off and around the cabin.

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