Does anyone still actually think that Peyton Manning is better then Tom Brady?

After an embarrassing game by Pick 6 Peyton where he posted a 0 QB rating with pro bowl receiving targets I just find it laughable.

He's played with multiple hall of fame receivers in his career while Brady plays with short white guys. When {Peyton did win a super bowl he threw for 3 touchdowns and 7 INT's in the playoffs while his D bailed him out in the super bowl with 5 turnovers and his running backs combined for over 200 rushing yards.

Does anyone even have an argument anymore on why Peyton is better then Brady? Brady's QB rating is higher then Peyton Manning in the playoffs and the regular season. He's played with 3 hall of fame receivers (Harrison, Wayne, D Thomas) and has Vernon Davis.

I respect this man greatly but the fanboys rise up his ego way too much.

Top 10 QB's of all time.

1. Tom Brady

2. Joe Montana

3. Johnny Unitas

4. Brett Favre

5. Peyton Manning

6. John Elway

7. Dan Marino

8. Roger Staubach

9. Warren Moon

10. Sid Luckman


Bill Bellichick was an embarrassment before Brady. He got fired by the browns and then went 5-13 with Drew Bledsoe a Top 40 QB of all time as his starter. Brady saved him, he's a good coach but he became that in time because of Brady.

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    The truth is that Brady was proven to be the best going back nearly half a decade ago. It's an insult to Brady to even compare Manning with him, and just plain ludicrous to suggest that Manning is better; in doing so you look like a fool or a biased hater. When you total up the accomplishments along with the stats and look at the playing environment in which he did so, there is no one that even comes close.

    I'm reading a lot of comments about Brady having Moss to throw the ball guys do know that he had Moss for only two season’s right? One of those seasons was Brady coming off a yearlong early season ending injury, and a lot of records were broken and they nearly went undefeated, so what exactly is your point?

    Belichick is a good coach but was pretty much nothing at his position before Brady fell into his lap. Brady makes Belichick, not the other way around. That maybe wasn't the case very early on in his career but certainly was so moving forward. It also needs to be pointed out that Belichick is a defensive minded coach and has very little if not nothing to do with the offense of that team. However, for fun, let's just say that it's because of Belichick, that Brady is so good, so how would that be a knock to Brady still? That’s like saying "the only reason that guy did really well on that exam is because he has a great teacher." Or "that guy is only good at karate because his instructor is one of the best.” Can you see the twisted logic when it comes to this argument?

    Now let's talk about Manning...this is going to sound like a bit of a contradiction but it still makes sense in saying this, and that is that Manning is without a doubt a great football player and no one can take that away from him, but at the same time he has to be one of the most overrated and fortunate QB's to play this game. This guy for his entire career has been surrounded by an all-star offensive cast in a cozy dome setting playing many of his games in the very soft AFC south division. Now let's look at the stellar 2013 season where they ended up getting rocked by Seattle in the super bowl, (the very same team that Brady dissected a year later). In 2013 Manning had Both the Thomas boys, Decker, and Welker; once again a crazy cast of receivers. That's okay, he broke records with that team and that was a great achievement, but if you really examine who they played that year, it's really laughable; it’s actually statistically speaking the worst defenses of all time that they played. It's no hyperbole; they actually played the softest defensive teams possible for pretty much the entire season. The only noteworthy teams they actually played that season were the ones they lost to. They get to the playoffs and barely get past San Diego, and then they barely get past a decimated, crippled Pats team in an early afternoon game in Denver, all the way to their inevitable reality check that they received via the Seahawks. Manning has had great regular season success and has played mediocre to just plain awful in the post season. In sports you are nothing if you can't produce in the post season, you can have all the fancy regular season stats but they don't mean much without an equally impressive post season body of work.

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      Brady makes Belichick and Belichick makes Brady, it goes both ways. Great dynasties involve a great coach/QB duo, see Noll/Bradshaw, Landry/Staubach, Shula/Griese, Walsh/Montana, and Lombardi/Starr, none of these coaches won a championship with a different QB and it doesn't take away their greatness

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    Sure. Some people still think that Dan Marino was better than Montana or Kenny Stabler was better than Terry Bradshaw.

    While most people agree that Brady has the edge, you look like a "Brady fan first, Patriots fan second" by calling Randy Moss and Rob Gronkowski "short white guys" and Belichick "an embarrassement".

    Okay his years in Cleveland were not pretty, but which head coach has done well with the Browns in the last 20 years anyway? Add it to the fact that Art Modell was doing anything he could to move the Browns to Baltimore, and it is clear that Belichick was doomed. Bill was the last HC coach to lead the Browns to a playoff win and his defensive gameplan in the Super Bowl against the Bills is in the Hall of Fame, not exactly an embarrassement.

    It can go both ways. Who was Brady in Michigan before Belichick was his coach? He had 30 TD and 17 interceptions during the time when it was Rose Bowl or disappointment for the Wolverines.

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    I do believe Brady will go down as the better QB, but there are a TON of flaws in your argument. For one thing, Brady had Moss and Gronkowski, don't know how they're short white guys. They're both better weapons than Manning EVER had. Brady also had Belichick, possibly the greatest HC of our generation if not ever. He's also had Vinatieri bail him out twice and Malcolm Butler once. I'd also like to point out Brady hasn't had 4 neck surgeries and had to learn multiple offenses. It was pretty clear even in 2013 that Manning had little arm strength left and still put together the greatest season a QB has ever had.

    And you really can't use Vernon Davis. He just arrived in Denver and barely even played.

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    Men like Peyton because he's ugly and a redneck. They hate Tom because they are jealous.

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    Yeah, those short white guys Moss and Gronkowski must have sucked.

    Moss was better than Harrison/Wayne/Thomas and let's not put Gronkowski and Davis in the same sentence.

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    Perhaps Peyton should let the air out of his balls...

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    LOL! How many of those QBs did you ever see play?

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